Sonntag, 21. Februar 2016

I am Light....I am Infinite.....

I am light.. I am infinite.. I am the channel.. I am expanding.. I am psychedelic.. I am vibration.. I am timeless.. I am unity.. I am activating.. I am resident.. I am galactic.. I am radiant.. I am define.. I am electric.. I am lunar.. I am magnetic.. I am planetarium.. I am balance.. I am organized.. I am connected.. I am inspired.. I am in harmony.. I am integrity.. I am perfect.. I am manifestation.. I am dissolving.. I am releasing.. I am liberated.. I am dedicated by universalized enduring and transcending.. I am being.. I am communicating.. I am spirit.. I am breathing.. I am cosmic.. I am essence.. I am power.. I am action.. I am dreaming.. I am a bondless.. I am intuition.. I am god.. I am extreme.. I am internal and external flowering.. I am clocking.. I am aware.. I am light force.. I am surviving.. I am DMT.. I am inspiring.. I am art.. I am accomplishing.. I am healing.. I am beauty.. I am elegance.. I am pure.. I am flowing.. I am love.. I am the chakras..  I am coinciding.. I am playing.. I am magic.. I am the lucid.. I am free will.. I am wise.. I am exploring.. I am space in time.. I am the awaking light.. I am vivid.. I am enchanting.. I am timelessness incomplete infinite design.. I am alien.. I am human.. I am receptor.. I am vision.. I am energy.. I am mind fine questioning and I’m answering.. I am intelligent.. I am fearless.. I am evolving.. I am opening my third eye to the unseen vision translating eye in synchronicity.. I am reflecting.. I am endless.. I am ordering chaos.. I am the doubt.. I am crystallize.. I am self generation.. I am forming.. I am life.. I am the tongue.. I am a color.. I am electronic.. I am the solar lunar and solar opposite and polar in which I’m radio.. I am particles of plasma.. I am endurance.. I am cosmic.. I am releasing.. I am liberating.. I am perfect.. I am holding.. I am the one because the one and I form the infinite and nothing that becomes the everything.. I am symbolic.. I am relative.. I am the divine spirit that harmonizes with the laws projecting the digital loom control the experience and the desire and finds the ecstasy in process   I am me, we are Ξx⊂ΞLLΞ∩T 

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